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Lilly Pulitzer Online Sale (After Party Sale, APS) Tips

In a normal year, Lilly Pulitzer usually only puts sale items on their website twice a year - once in the late summer/early fall, once around/after New Years Day.    These sales are called the After Party Sale (APS for short).   Some stores have in person preview shopping days (Saturday, January 2nd and Sunday, January 3rd) before the online sale goes live, but this post only covers the online portion of the sale, since not all stores are participating in the in-person option because of Covid-19 restrictions.  See if your local corporate store is participating in the sale here .  If you plan to shop in person, check out this post from an old sale for tips!  The online sale will go live on Monday, January 4th at 8am EST (ish - don't panic if nothing happens until 8:05 or so),  and there is a virtual line to get into the website (it’s THAT popular!).    Shipping can take up to 6 weeks after the sale.    As an After Party Sale veteran, today I’ll be sharing the tips I’ve learned over