Lilly Pulitzer "Summer Remix" 6/20 New Release Try Ons

Hi everyone!  Today Lilly Pulitzer released a surprise "Summer Remix" collection that includes pop ups of a few past favorite prints and a new patchwork print that includes patches of 12 past favorite prints!  I headed to the store to try on the new items, and below I'm sharing my pictures and thoughts on fit of the items.
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In the Beginning

This print is so much prettier in person than it is online!  The colors are very vibrant.  I'm not usually a romper person, but I liked this one better than others because it still looks like a skirt from the back, unlike some other Lilly Pulitzer rompers.  The straps are adjustable, but I still had problems with the romper being too short top to bottom, which made the shorts underneath uncomfortable.  This is my normal size.

I've never tried Katia shorts before, so these were a pleasant surprise!  They are very comfortable, and the material feels soft and silky.  I could have done my normal size, but I sized up for a looser, more comfortable fit.

Into the Deep

I'm surprised that this print was one of the pop ups, but I'm excited because I loved it when it originally came out, but didn't like the dress options.  The Amina dress is a forgiving fit, and I think the neckline is flattering.  I took my normal size in this (also the same size I get regular Aminas in).  I like having the option of a tank dress or short sleeve dress in this print - the Amina could definitely be appropriate in casual workplaces. 

Melle Dress in Into the Deep $98
This is possibly the item in this release that I was the most excited for!  For me, the Melle is the perfect swing dress, without being *too* swingy.  This is my normal size.

I know there are lots of fans of the Margot dress out there, so I think this top will be very popular.  It is the same jersey material that the Kristen top comes in.  I don't love Margot dresses on me, so I wasn't a huge fan of this top.  I found a surprising "top" in this print that I liked much better...

Since I'm not a big Margot fan, I wanted to see if this girls Mini Essie Dress could work as a top for an adult.  I'm a size medium/large/8/10, so I can never usually wear XL girls items, but this one worked!  The picture above is me in the girls XL, with the buttons undone and the bottom folded under.  If you are my size or smaller, this could definitely work for you!  Note: I don't have a particularly large bust, so you might run into problems if you do.  I would have to get the arm holes altered to be a little bigger, bit I like this option a lot better than the Margot top for an Into the Blue top for me.  Bonus: you can wear a normal bra with this one, unlike the Margot!

Red Right Return

This pop up version of RRR seems to have a hotter pink than the original - it's so cute!  I'm usually a fan of Kristen dresses, but was underwhelmed by this one.  For some reason, the pockets on the outside of the dress and the ruffle at the bottom made it seem slightly juvenile to me, but to each their own!  This is my regular dress size.

I'm not usually a big Marlowe fan, but this dress was really cute!  I went up a size since the fabric isn't the most forgiving.  I was pleasantly surprised at how long it is!  I'm 5'7, and this dress hit the top of my knee.  This may mean some shorter ladies will have to get this hemmed, but the extra length makes it more appropriate for lots of taller ladies.

I love Kaia Knit Tunics!  I usually end up tucking them in or rolling the hem because of the extra length, but they are great casual, everyday tops.  I size down in them because otherwise the body is too baggy on me.  

Summer Remix Patch

Walsh Shorts in Summer Remix Patch $68
These are the least expensive adult option in the new patchwork print.  I know that some people aren't fans because of the short 3" inseam, but I loved these!  I took my normal size, but thought they ran a hair smaller than buttercups - not sure if that's normal for Walshes or if its just this patchwork print.

This skirt was adorable!  It's a good bottom option for people who feel that the Walsh shorts are too short for them.  The pockets on the front are functional, which isn't always true with womens clothing!  I took my normal size in this, although the fit was a little weird - it had to sit in exactly the right spot or the shorts underneath would ride up.  If I owned this, I'd maybe cut the shorts out.

I like this top in theory, but it's not a perfect fit on me.  This is my normal size, and it fit.  Since the material isn't stretchy at all, it could be tough for some people based on bust size.  It would look absolutely adorable with white pants though!  The other thing that bothered me is the price - for only $50 more, you could get the whole dress, or you could get the romper for only $10 more!

This is the same style romper as the In the Beginning one, except with white trim instead of a ruffle along the edge.  If I were a romper person, I'd buy this in a heartbeat!  This is my normal size.

Last but not least, the patchwork Alexa!  When the maxi version was released into the winter, a lot of people wished it also came in a short version.  Well, they got their wish!  I'm glad that Lilly Pulitzer made such an iconic piece in a classic Lilly dress.  I find this style to be very flattering on a lot of people.  Like the patchwork maxi, I sized up in this for a more comfortable, not skin-tight fit.  

What's your favorite item from this surprise release?  Don't forget to check out my try ons from the 6/3 release!


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