Lilly Pulitzer 6/3 New Release Try Ons

Hi everyone!  It seems like there are new Lilly Pulitzer releases every other day, so I put together a post with some try ons from the last few releases!  For reference, I'm 5'7 and usually a medium, sometimes a large.
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Leena Maxi Dress in Fiesta Bamba $198

This Leena Maxi was really comfortable.  Sizing was very similar to a Sloan Maxi, although the neckline stops just short of being a full v-neck.  I took my normal size in this one.

Avalyn Stretch Dress in Pink Tropics Feelin Beachy $198

This Avalyn dress is so cute in person!  I sized up and felt very comfortable, whereas my regular size would have been a tighter fit.  This dress is formfitting, in contrast to the Everleigh Romper.

Everleigh Romper in Pink Tropics Feelin Beachy $178

This romper has a similar loose fit to the Donna Romper.  It is not fitted to the body.  Even though this is the right size for me otherwise, it's a hair too short top to bottom (I always have this problem with rompers!).  This romper and the above dress are the classic example of inconsistent Lilly Pulitzer sizes - the romper is a size smaller, but much looser than the dress.

Larissa Skirt Set in Blue Peri Rum Swizzle $198

This set is absolutely adorable - if only I had somewhere to wear it!  I sized up for extra space in the skirt.  It's not actually a functioning wrap - there's a zipper in the back.  This is actually kind of nice because it keeps the tie looking perfect! The fabric has no give.  The top and bottom of the top are both elastic, so there is some give in the top.  

Loro Dress in Blue Peri Rum Swizzle $118

This Loro dress has a relaxed, easy fit.  This is my usual medium, and there's tons of room.  This would be a great coverup or the perfect casual dress for a hot summer day.

Franci Dress in Multi Hot on the Scene $198

As soon as I saw this dress online, I knew I had to try it on, based on how much I loved the Franci dresses this past fall/winter!  The exterior and lining are both 100% cotton, which means there is no give.  I sized up for a more comfortable fit.

Gigi Top in Resort Aqua $44 and Madison Skort in Hot on the Scene $78

I'm wearing a medium in both the Gigi top and Madison skort.  I love these new Gigi tops with the cute pom poms!  It's nice that the designers at Lilly Pulitzer coordinate the colors in the prints, so certain solid colors can go with multiple prints.

29" South Ocean Skinny Crop Pant in Feelin Beachy $148

Ignore the top with these pants; I didn't have another solid top to try them on with.  These crops are so cute!!  I will probably eventually get these - they are one of the Feelin Beachy items that I'd get the most use out of.  I sized up for a better fit, but I have fit issues with most Lilly Pulitzer pants.

Kelby Stretch Shift in Hot Tamale Engineered $198

This Kelby Shift is my favorite piece from the recent new releases!  The Kelby is a very relaxed fit dress.  I tried on my normal size, but lots of people size down for a less flowy fit.

Jane Shift Dress in Multi Floridita $178

I love this Jane!  I have two from previous seasons, and stay with my normal size for Jane shifts.  I have broad shoulders, so I can't size down like other people.  I wore the ones I bought last summer to so many different occasions, so I know firsthand that the Jane shift is very versatile!

Cyndi Dress in True Navy Fishy Eyelet $198

I absolutely love this Cyndi dress - so classic!  If fit and flare dresses work well on you, don't pass up this dress! I took my normal size.  The bodice has some give (as shown in the up close picture).

Larsen Shift Dress in Sea to Shining Sea Engineered $148

The Sea to Shining Sea print has lots of great options for the 4th of July!  I thought that this Larsen shift dress fit similar to the Harper shift, and felt like similar material.

Lyle Top in Maraca My World Engineered $98

I love these engineered tops!  This Lyle top can be dressed up or down, based on what shoes, bottom, and accessories you pair with it.  Even though the material is different, I found the fit similar to the lace Lynn top from last year.  The great thing is that this Lyle top is machine washable!  I can wear either my regular size or one size up for a slightly better fit around the neck/arm holes (having broad shoulders affects lots of tops this style for me!).

Saline Cover-up in Sea to Shining Sea $98

This coverup is really cute, especially with the matching swimsuit.  One thing to note: because of how sheer it is, this cannot be worn as a dress, only as a coverup.  The second picture shows the sheerness - you can see the swimsuit's pattern through the material.  This is a medium, my normal size, and it was a flowy fit.  

Isle Lattice One-Piece Swimsuit in Sea to Shining Sea $138

This Isle Lattice fits just like the others, but I put it next to the Postcards from Positano to show the colors more accurately.  While the Postcards one is very bright, the Sea to Shining Sea one is a tiny bit more muted.

Kat Crossbody Bag $148 and Amber Lynn Sandal in Feelin Beachy $198

How cute are these new accessories!  


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