Lilly Pulitzer Fall Try Ons

Hi everyone!  Today I'll be sharing some assorted try ons from fall deliveries from the past few months.  I'll be heading to the store to try on the new Resort collection soon, so watch for another post in the next couple of weeks!  This post today includes the October Breast Cancer Awareness collection and some items from the Onyx collection that are perfect to keep wearing as the weather gets cold!
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I absolutely love this print!  This dress is my normal size, and I think that it's almost exactly like the Parigi Maxi except for the ruffle on the edge of the sleeves.  Other than the sleeves, the general shape/fit/material is also very similar to a Sloan Maxi Dress, so I'd say stick to your Sloan or Parigi Maxi size, if you've ever tried either of those other Lilly Pulitzer styles.  I took my regular Lilly (and non-Lilly) size.

As you might have guessed from the strange name, this is a cross between the Jane dress and the Donna romper!  The top looks like a Jane, but other than that, it's like a Donna romper.  I really wish this worked on me because it's so cute, but like with Donna rompers, this was too short in the body top to bottom for me.  I have this issue with most rompers though.  Lots of people love the Donna romper, so if you are one of those people, you'll love the Jonna too!  I'd recommend getting the same size you get in Donna Rompers.  Some people are able to size down because this item is not form fitting, but taller people might find that this romper gets too short if they try to size down.

This one came home with me!  The Leona is exactly like a Skipper Popover, except that it's a full zip instead of half-zip.  The fit and material are exactly the same, so get the same size you get in a regular popover.

This blazer was so comfortable!  If I worked in a more formal office, I would definitely buy this blazer in this pink and/or the navy that it also comes in.  The fabric is scuba ponte, so slightly less formal that a lot of blazers.  The fabric had a little bit of give, which I like - I usually have issues with blazers fitting in one area but not another, but that did not happen with this one because of the fabric.  This is my normal shirt/sweater size.

This top would be the perfect piece to own for anyone who works in an office!  Throw on a cardigan or blazer, and this top is very work appropriate.  In addition to this gorgeous pink, it also comes in a print.  Another plus: it's machine washable!  This is my normal size.

This is the same dress as the Jessi Maxi above, except for the length.  It's called midi length, but it comes down to about my ankles.  I'm 5'7, so it would probably be a true midi dress for people taller than me.  The good news for any shorter ladies is that this dress might be a true maxi on you, with no hemming needed!  I took my normal size, which is also the size I wear in Sloan and Parigi Maxi dresses.

These sandals are great - they can easily be dressed up or down.  The 2.5" block heel also means that they are sturdy and won't be hard to walk in, like stilettos!  Gold is by far my favorite color for sandals - I literally wear gold sandals with 99% of my outfits when it's warm out.  I took my normal shoe size in these.

I decided to try this dress on on a whim, and it ended up being a winner!  I think that the cut is very flattering, and the scalloped edges add just a bit of interest.  It did have an odd fit, so I went up a size to find one that fit me correctly.

I love that Lilly has a fancier black dress out right now!  The ruffles and metallic dots add just a bit of interest.  I thought that the top neckline, while flattering, was quite low.  This is my normal size.

I was really really excited to try this piece on!  It looks like a nice jacket, but it's sweater material, so it looks more formal than it feels.  This is a medium, my normal size, and I was impressed that the sleeves were more than long enough for me (usually they are too short).  One thing to note: my skin is very sensitive to itchy materials (I can't do any wool, unless it's a coat that won't touch my skin), and I ended up passing on this cardigan because it felt itchy, so just be aware of that if you have similar issues.  This is such a classic and versatile piece, I really wish that it would have worked for me! (Also, I wouldn't pair it with this dress, but I didn't have the right items to try on with it in the dressing room!)

Adalee Shift Dress in Onyx ($198)
This Adalee Shift Dress is another extremely versatile piece - you could wear it in a professional setting or for holiday events!  It also comes in Mandevilla Pink, which is another great option.  The cut is loose, and the pearls down the front are covering a zipper!  You could wear it zipped all the way to the top, or slightly lower, like I did in the picture.  This is my normal size.

Olenna Silk Top ($168)
Lilly Pulitzer has been killing it lately with the onyx items, and this top is no different!  This top would be perfect with black pants for a nice dinner, or a fancier skirt for a holiday party.  I sized up just for extra room in the shoulders.  I have broad shoulders, so I often size up in silk items, so you may be able to wear your normal size in this one,

Malia One-Shoulder Dress in Wild Within ($178)
I have always been a fan of the Malia dress when it previously came out in maxi versions, so I was excited to try this shorter one.  It's hard to tell in the picture, but the length goes right to above my knees.  I took my normal size, which is the same size I wear in the Malia Maxi (and Sloan Maxis and Parigi Maxis).  One thing that disappointed me a little bit: the fabric on the bust started showing through as white as it stretched.  You can see it if you look really hard a the full body picture above, and I also added a closeup.  I'm not sure if that is a flaw with this pattern's fabric, or if it would have gone away if I sized up so it stretched less.  Either way, I'm hoping this is unique to this item/pattern and doesn't pop up on other items.


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