Lilly Pulitzer Holiday Options (and Other New Items) Try-On

Holiday Options

This dress was pretty, but I thought that the shoulders felt a little tight.  I was very afraid that I was going to rip through the delicate silk when I was trying to get it off!  I think the next size up would have been too big in the body.  I much preferred the feel of the black stretchy silk dress.

This was by far my favorite item of the day!  It is absolutely gorgeous.  This dress or the gold version would be perfect for fancy holiday parties or winter weddings!  My normal size was a hair tight, so I would probably size up.  I wanted to buy this so badly, but it’s $278…

I was pleasantly surprised by how much better I liked this than the Elenora silk dress.  I have broad shoulders so I sometimes have trouble with unforgiving fabric like silk, but with this dress, I could move my arms all over the place without worrying I was going to rip a seam.  This is a great versatile dress option for lots of occasions, and it fit true to size.

This top is gorgeous!  It has absolutely no stretch or give, so I would size up for comfort.  I have no idea what I would pair it with on the bottom though.  The website shows it with matching shorts (of course!), but that’s not practical when it’s December and you live in the North East!

I had to try a size down because my size was not available, and it felt tiny.  I think I would end up going one bigger than my usual size to get a proper fit.  This top is really pretty though, and would be perfect with some black pants.

The gold in this dress definitely makes it feel like it could go more formal.  I was skeptical, but it’s beautiful in person.  I tried this in a size up since they did not have my size, but it was too big.  I’d say true to size for this one’s fit.

Other New-ish Arrivals

This was the same sizing as past Harper Shifts have been.  I love this new special Florida print!  I have my eye on the packable tote though.

They did not have my size in this, so I tried a size up.  It was definitely too big, so I think it's true to size.  I wasn't wowed, but maybe it would have been better if I was able to try on the correct size.

This dress felt exactly like a Sophie (same material and sleeves); it just has a different neckline.  I like this dress better on me than a Sophie dress, although it’s still not at the top of my list.  This does make me want to check out the polo shirts though.  They could be cute comfy options for an office or golf course.  I tried on my usual Sophie size (my true to size letter size), and it was the right fit.  

This dress was true to size, and I like the cut better than a lot of the other dresses that are cut more straight or swingy.  I’m not in love with this pattern, but it’s nice to see the designers experiment with different shapes of dress.

I love the cool tones with the pop of pink in this pop up print!  I like this print a lot better in person than just seeing it online.  This fit just like my other popover dress (I wear the same size as my regular popovers).

I’m wearing my normal size in these.  They were very comfy.  I was torn about the gold ombre splatter when I saw it online, but I liked it a lot in person.  I’m not sure what shoes I’d end up wearing with them though.


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