Lilly Pulitzer Spring Try Ons - Part 2

Hi everyone!  As promised, here's part 2 of my Lilly Pulitzer spring try ons (so far), and it has even MORE items than part 1 of my spring try ons!  There's so many fun new items being released, plus lots of gifts with purchase (including some great ones this weekend)!
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I absolutely LOVED this Maryana Skort!  It's a knit nylon pique fabric, so it's nice and light and stretchy.  It also comes in a solid Prosecco Pink, which is a nice option if you prefer solids or want to wear it with a patterned top.  The cut of this skort is similar to the Monica Skort, but it's a softer, almost jersey-like knit.  I'm wearing my normal size in the Maryana Skort.  This Martina Polo Top comes in navy, light blue, and light pink.  It's a great option that matches with lots of different patterned Lilly bottoms!  I like that the ruffle adds a feminine detail to this sleeveless polo.  This polo is more fitted, so I sized up for a looser fit.

This Alia Skort is so cute with the scallops around the bottom!  It is definitely shorter than the Maryana or Monica golf skorts.  I would say it's more similar in length to the Madison Skort, or even a hair shorter.  As far as rise goes, it comes up to just under my belly button.  This skort is nylon and spandex, so it's very stretchy material.  If anyone likes to cover up a little more at the beach, this skort would be perfect with any of the Aqua La Vista swimsuits!  I took my normal size.

This solid dress is a nice versatile option to have in your closet!  It also comes in navy, if you prefer navy to green.  It is definitely a more flowy cut, but could still be dressed up or down depending on shoes and accessories.  I took my normal size because I needed the room in the shoulder area.

This maxi dress is particularly great for people who live places where spring can still be cold!  A lot of Lilly Pulitzer dresses are great for warm climates, so it's nice to see a long sleeve option for people who live where it's not warm yet.  The fabric is rayon spandex jersey, so there's definitely some stretch.  The cut/fabric of this dress could accommodate a growing baby bump for at least some the pregnancy for any expecting moms out there! 

This dress was one of my favorites from this release!  I stuck my foot out to show where the length of this midi dress hits me (I'm 5'7).  For shorter ladies, this might be a maxi dress that you don't have to altar!  The back has a stretchy panel, so I'd say this one runs generous.  I'm wearing my normal size here, but I could definitely have sized down too.

I tried on the Aqua La Vista Jane before, and this one fits exactly the same.  One thing to note is that I thought that the colors of this dress were a tiny bit less vibrant than other items in this piece like the skort and Luxletic jacket below.  It's hard to tell in pictures, but I noticed it when they were all hanging together in the dressing room.

This Tawney Skort has more of an old-school fit, in my opinion.  It fits similar to a much older Lilly skort that I have - high rise, on the shorter side, and thicker fabric.  I felt like this skort ran a little small - if I buy this, I will definitely size up for comfort because the fabric has very little stretch.  Sizing up might also give me a little extra length.  For reference, I'm 5'7.

UPF 50+ Luxletic Hadlee Zip-Up in Multi Peony for Your Thoughts ($138)
I usually prefer popovers to Luxletic jackets, but this one is an exception!  The fabric is thin and stretchy, so it would be a very light layer to add to an outfit.  I sized up from my normal popover size, and it was still fitted.  However, the construction of this jacket gives it a very flattering fit!  This pattern is very bright in this fabric in particular.

 29" High Rise Kelly Knit Skinny Ankle Pants in Multi In Full Bloom ($148) and Essie Top in Blue Ibiza ($58)
I love that Lilly Pulitzer is starting to make more and more items in this knit fabric!  I sized down one size from what I wear in normal Kelly Pants.  These live up to the name - the rise came all the way up to the top of my belly button.  One weird thing is that these pants have a seam down the middle of the back of the leg, from top to bottom.  If you look at the stock photo on the Lilly website, and you zoom in on the back view photo, you can see what I'm talking about.  It didn't bother me, but I definitely noticed it when I first put them on.

Elisabette Top in Multi Peony for Your Thoughts ($68)
Puffy sleeves are big for spring, and this top is great if you are into that trend.  This is my normal size, so I'd say it fits true to size.  I love how bright this pattern is in this fabric, especially compared to the Jane Dress above.

Aleah Top in Muti in Full Bloom ($68)
I like that there's another long sleeve casual top option for people who live in colder climates, but I did not love the fit on this top.  I sized up, and as you can see in the picture, it was still pretty tight.  There's a tiny bit of stretch to the fabric, but not much.  I would suggest sizing up in this one.

Madison Skort in Multi Coral Bay ($78)
The Madison Skort is one of my staples!  You get the best of both worlds: the look of a skirt, but the freedom of movement of shorts.  The fabric of this skort makes it particularly comfortable, but you can easily dress it up for a nice dinner with the right shoes and accessories.

I thought that this sweater was very cute, and definitely something different.  One thing to note is that the hem is asymmetric, which is something that some people care about and other people don't.  I took my normal size.

Here's all of my Lilly Pulitzer try on posts - watch for more in the future!


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