Lilly Pulitzer Golf (and Other New Releases) Try Ons

Hi everyone!  Lilly Pulitzer just released a new collection of golf attire, so I thought I would share my thoughts on fit and show some real-life pictures for those of you who can't get to a store easily.
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Golf Attire

I loved this polo, even with jeans!  It also comes in hot pink and navy.  These pants were also winners.  Instead of having buttons and a zipper at the top, they had a stretchy pull-on waistband.  The material allover had some stretchy to it also.  The polo was true to size, but I sized up in the pants.  I probably could have gone with my normal size though because of the stretch.

This skort was unexpectedly my favorite golf item! Like the pants, it is a stretchy fabric with no buttons or zipper at the top.  I also went size up in this one.  As the picture shows, the waistband hit right at my belly-button.

This polo would be a great staple piece for any avid golfer to have.  The cute ruffles give it a little something extra!  This skort was also very comfy.  It's the same material as the other golf bottoms, so I sized up.  The waistband hits right at my belly-button.

These shorts were the only golf bottom that I tried on that have an actual zipper and buttons, instead of a stretchy waistband.  They are the same material as the other golf bottoms.

Other Try Ons

I love the Kelby Stretch Shift Dress!  I usually size down for a better fit, and this time was no exception.  

This halter swimsuit has a very flattering fit!  I went up a size because I did not think that the material was as stretchy as a normal swimsuit.  

A cute new take on the Lilly Pulitzer lattice one piece!  I did not think the lattice parts on the side were very stretchy, so I went up a size.

This new one piece also has a flattering fit!  I thought it was true to size.

New Arrivals that I Did Not Try On


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