Lilly Pulitzer 9/7 After Party Sale Preview Day Haul

Today was the first in store preview day for the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale (APS)!  If you haven't already, don't forget to read my APS guide!  Tomorrow (Sunday, September 8th) is the second and final in-store preview day, and the online sale goes live on Monday at 8am EST.  Today I visited two different corporate stores.  The picture above shows everything I bought at both stores combined.  Full disclosure - I wasn't just shopping for myself!  Below is each item that I bought and the price.  You can expect to see these same items and prices (plus a LOT more) during the online sale that starts on Monday.  To see other pictures from the store that show other items that were on sale, check out the "APS Preview Day" highlight on my Instagram, "Escolorfulcloset".

Amina Maxi Dress in Red Right Return $84

Florin Sleeveless Tank in Purple Iris $44

Cappuccino Mug Set $24

Izzy Skirt in Little Flamenco $54

Callahan Knit Shorts in Sink or Swim $34

Madison Skort in Hot on the Scene $39

Melle Dress in Into the Deep $49

South Ocean Skinny Crop in Pink Tropics Feelin Beachy $54

Walsh Shorts in Summer Remix Patch $39

Things I saw but didn't buy:

Alexa Shift in Summer Remix Patch $99
Baby Bubbles $24
Finn Tees $44
South Ocean Skinny in Cheek to Cheek $44
South Ocean Skinny in Lion Around $44
Baby Lilly Shift in Summer Remix Patch $34
Pearl Top in Summer Remix Patch $69
Kaia Knit Tunic in Red, Right, Return $49
Natalie Coverup in Sink or Swim $64
Short Sleeve Marlowe in Red, Right, Return $49 (!!!)
Amina Cap Sleeve Dress in Into the Deep $44
Harper Shift in Clawdia $64
Palm Beach Silk Midi Dress in Skinny Dipping $149
Essie Top in Sea to Shining Sea $29
Lyle Top in solid pink $32


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