Lilly for Target Re-release: Tips, Tricks, and Fit Advice!

Hi everyone!  Are you excited for the re-release of select items from the Lilly for Target (L4T) collection?  I certainly am!  I stood in line outside my local Target before it opened during the original release, and have acquired additional pieces from the collection in the years since.  In this post I'll be sharing some of my tips and tricks that I learned from the original Lilly for Target collaboration, along with other sought-after Target collaborations.
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First, some general information:

  • Target is celebrating 20 years of Design for All by bringing back some items from 20 very popular designer collaborations.
  • The collection will be offered online, but there has not been a confirmed launch time.  My best guess is between midnight EST and 3:00am EST, based on the launch time of past collaborations.
  • The collection will also be offered in stores, starting on Saturday, September 14th whenever the stores usually open.
  • The collections will include clothing for men, women (including plus size!), and children; accessories; and housewares.
  • The items being released are all items that were part of the designer collections the first time around.  NO new items will be released.  Not all items that were part of the original release are being included this time. 

Now, some tips for scoring the items you want (Lilly Pulitzer or otherwise!):

  1. Get to the store early!  Remember that this event includes 20 different brands, which means that in addition to Lilly lovers, there will be other people who have no interest in Lilly Pulitzer, but are there for another brand.  Every Target collaboration day that I have been to has had a line outside the doors before the stores open, usually 50+ people long.
  2. Don't get a cart.  As tempting as it is to get a cart to throw all of your items in, don't do it.  The store will be very crowded with people grabbing at the same few racks, and a cart slows down your progress and just gets in the way.  It takes people with carts at least 3 times as long to maneuver around the racks.  Speed is the name of the game, so leave the cart behind.  You can always get a cart from the front of the store once you have grabbed what you want!
  3. For clothes - grab first, look at the tag second.  During the time you spend looking for the hanger that has your size on the top, people will have grabbed it.  Pick up an item, then decide if you want it once it's in your hands.  Put it back down if you don't.  
  4. Pay attention to the people around you.  Sometimes people grab something that isn't their size but is your size, and will be willing to trade it for something you have.  In the same vein, if you grab something and realize it isn't your size, you might be able to hand it directly to someone searching for that size.
  5. Watch for fitting room rejects.  After the initial wave of people gets done grabbing things off the racks, that wave usually goes to the fitting rooms.  Watch for people to hand rejected items back to the fitting room attendant.  Usually you can ask the staff member if you can have what was just given back. 
  6. Make sure your store will have the brand(s) you are looking for!  Not every store will get all 20 collaboration brands, so use this link to see what brands your local Target store will have.

Item Preview: 

Items Pictured:
Nosey Posey Scarf $20 (right scarf)
Double Zip Cosmetic Train Case in Fan Dance (8"x6"x5.75")  $22
4pk Porcelain Round Appetizer Plate Set $30
Women's My Fans Shift Dress $38 (right dress)
Women's Fan Dance Shift $38 (left dress)
Unfortunately, the left scarf in My Fans is not available during the re-release.

See the rest of the collection, including more women's items, child items, accessories and other home items!

Size info:

Last time around, the Lilly for Target sizing was inconsistent - some items were true to size, but some ran very small.  I've heard that this release also has dresses that run at least a size small, but we will find out.  To show the sizing discrepancies, I took pictures comparing my size 6 Fan Dance Lilly for Target dress (pink and green) and my size 10 My Fans Lilly for Target (blue and pink) to my size 8 regular Lilly Pulitzer Mila dress (black).  As you can see, the size 10 Lilly for Target shift is not any bigger than the regular size 8 Lilly Pulitzer dress, and it's several inches shorter.

The blue Lilly for Target dress is a different material, but the pink and green dress is a very similar fabric (or the exact same!) as the black Mila dress that came from the regular Lilly Pulitzer store.
*The Lilly for Target shifts have both been washed and laid flat to dry (no dryer).  The regular Lilly Pulitzer shift has not been laundered.

What Lilly for Target item are you hoping to snag tomorrow?


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