Gift Guide for Women 2020


Hi everyone!  Today I'm sharing the first of several gift guides for this holiday season!  This one includes a variety of gift ideas for any woman in your life, small items to bigger items.  Everything on the list is something I already own (literally wearing the first item as I write this!) or would love to see under the Christmas tree this year (hint, hint, if my husband is reading this...).  The prices shown are accurate as of when I'm writing this, but they can change at any time.
*Some links in this post are affiliate links (designated by the * after them).  This means that purchases made through these links may result in a small commission to me, at no extra cost to you.  As always, all choices/opinions are my own.  Affiliate links are what keeps this site up and running, so thank you for your support!

This sweatshirt has been one of my favorite buys all fall.  It's shockingly great quality, and nice and warm.  My mom borrowed it for a walk recently, and literally came back and ordered herself one immediately - it's that good.  It comes in 14 different color combinations, with a variety of solids and patterns available. 

Bathtub Caddy ($36.09)
This bathtub caddy is perfect for anyone who enjoys a nice relaxing bath at the end of the day.  It has lots of space to hold any bath products, reading material, snacks, and even has a spot to keep a wine glass secure!

I usually carry a smaller bag day to day, but this one is my go-to when I need to carry a lot of stuff.  It's especially great when traveling (although we haven't been doing much of that lately).  This bag is super lightweight, but the thick straps can handle carrying a lot of stuff.  A trick that I sometimes use is to fold this bag up really small in my suitcase, and pull it out at the end of the trip to carry the extra items I've acquired while on vacation...oops!  Available in several different solid color and pattern options.

Pom-Pom Metallic Beanie ($30, regularly $59.99)
How cool is this metallic beanie?  It's the perfect pop of color to brighten up a black winter coat.  It's also available in a metallic purple or dark blue (both with black pom-poms, use the same link above), or it's even available in a metallic black for those who are not big fans of color.

Finn Top ($74)*
I haven't been wearing as much of my fancy Lilly Pulitzer recently because most of this year has been spent at home.  However, my Finn Tops are getting a TON of wear because of how cute and comfortable they are!  This top is the perfect way to gift a Lilly lover something she will love, but will also be able to wear a lot, even with nowhere to go.

Gold Beaded Headband ($9.50, regularly $19.50)
This gold headband is a classic gift idea for any preppy lady in your life.  Headbands are very in right now, and the gold ensures it can be worn with a variety of outfits.  

Half Zip Sherpa Pullover ($19.99, regularly $59.50)
Who doesn't need a cute and cuddly sherpa pullover for the winter?  This soft sweatshirt comes in 8 different color combinations, and the price point is great, even when it's not on sale.  Rumor has it that a certain brand with the initials of LP will be coming out with a nearly identical pink and white fuzzy top in the coming weeks...

This slippers keep going in and out of stock, which is why I included another pair of slippers on this gift guide.  It's easy to see why though - they are so cute!

This initial keychain comes in every single letter, and there's a few different colored tassels available.  This is the perfect small gift to accompany a gift card for a teacher or coworker, etc.  Bonus - this is from Etsy, so it's supporting a small business.

If you follow E's Colorful Closet on Instagram, you've already seen this phone case in my #OOTD posts, since it's the one I currently have on my phone!  This is another fun Etsy find.  They even have a feature where you can play around with different colors to see what it would look like before you order, which is how I decided on turquoise letters with a mint shadow on my case.  This is a great option for a personalized gift that won't break the bank.

This color-block pullover was one of my favorite buys from last fall.  I probably wore it at least once a week throughout the winter because it's so comfortable and versatile.  It has held up remarkable well, considering how many times it's been washed and worn.  It comes in this color combination plus three others.

Leather Tassel Zipper Pouch (starting at $34.99, regularly starting at $49, depending on size)
This leather pouch comes in 18 different colors plus two sizes, and that's not including all of the personalization options for the monogram!  This is definitely on my wish list!  If you like bright colors like me, there's endless combinations to choose from.  Not to fear if you like more subdued colors - there's still a lot of options, including a beautiful caramel colored brown.  

I got this bag in a different color for Christmas last year, and I've been using it as my purse ever since.  It's not too big,  but it can still hold a surprising amount of stuff.  You can use the handles, or it comes with a crossbody strap.  We took an international trip last winter, and this bag was so perfect - it held all my essentials, plus some snacks, a water bottle, and some mittens, but wasn't too heavy or annoying to carry around all day.  This is an especially good option for any woman who wants/needs to have both hands available - for example, a mom carrying her kids or her kids' stuff all the time!

These slippers are at a great price point right now (and regularly).  The sole is rubber, perfect to wear when running outside for the mail, or taking the dog out.  They look so cozy and warm, and the gold color gives them a pop of cuteness!

How beautiful are these bath bombs?  These would be great alone as a small gift, or it would be cute to pair them with the bathtub caddy above for anyone in need of some relaxation. 

This cashmere sweater comes in a whopping 26 different color choices!  There's lots of colors that would pair perfectly with Lilly Pulitzer patterns too.  I personally love this hot pink - I like wearing super bright colors in the winter to brighten up the dark, cold, gloomy days.

These Lilly Pulitzer earrings are the perfect classic combination of bright pink and tortoiseshell.  I bought these earrings in another color, and was amazed by how light they are.  They are a great option for anyone who likes big earrings, but doesn't like how heavy they feel on the ear.  

Button Gloves ($19.99)
Since most of the country gets chilly (if not freezing cold!) at some point during the year, these gloves are a great gift option for almost any woman out there.  They are also touchscreen compatible, so she won't have to remove them to use her phone, which is always a plus.

This cashmere blanket scarf is really large, so in addition to wearing it like a scarf (shown above), you could also use it as a small blanket or wrap.  In addition to the black/white/blue one shown, it also comes in a pink/orange/white combination.  The blue gloves above this look like they'd go perfectly with this scarf - there's an idea for a cute scarf/glove pairing for a gift!

Keep an eye out for my other gift guides coming soon!  There's a mens one in the works, in addition to some cozy, home, and pet ideas! 


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