Lilly Pulitzer August Try Ons

Hi everyone!  As summer wound to a close, my August tryons were noticeable more cool-toned than the ones from the rest of the summer.  However, there are a couple of very versatile items that could still be worn well into fall!  Checkout my After Party Sale guide - we all know the sale is coming soon!
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I didn't think anything of this top online, but I loved it in person!  It's slightly different from the typical Lilly Pulitzer item, but I like the variety.  This is my normal size.

I liked this style of dress last year, so I was happy to see it again this year in a different print.  As much as I love my bright pink and green prints, it's nice that this print is a little more understated than some others - perfect to wear in not-so-tropical locations!  This is my normal size.  This dress is a nice jersey fabric that is very comfortable.

Bodysuits have been everywhere lately, so I'm not surprised that Lilly pulitzer now has one.  The other ones I've seen are usually fitted however, while this one is (seemingly) intentionally loose on top.  It looks perfect with a variety of different bottoms, including these Colorful Camelflage Buttercups!  I tried on my size up because I usually need the extra length in bodysuits, but I don't think I needed to size up.

I'd say this dress has a cut that is slightly fitted but not extremely fitted - it's a nice in-between.  The material felt similar to the Melle and Marlowe dresses.  This is my normal size that I wear in all of the tshirt and tank dresses.

The ribbon details on this dress are so cute!  I found the cut to be very flattering.  The material cotton poplin, which was pretty stiff when I tried it on.  I'm 5'7, and this dress falls below my knees, so it would be great for taller ladies who have issues with Lilly Pulitzer dresses being too short!  I'm in between sizes, and this is the larger size.  It was a hair big, but I think the smaller size would have been too small in the bust.

This dress is a great option to wear to work at an office!  It felt a little tight in the shoulders, but that's a common problem that I have.  Overall, I did not think that the sizing was generous.

This dress is a cross between the Amina and Jackie dresses.  The cut is very similar to the Amina, but it's silky like the Jackie.  One thing to note, however, is that although I can size down in the Jackie, I cannot size down in this dress or it would be too tight across the shoulders.  The correct size for me in this dress is my normal size.

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