Lilly Pulitzer Late Fall Try Ons

Hi everyone!  I've done several small try on sessions in the past month, so I've decided to combine them all into one giant try on post!  The past few releases have had lots of fun things, including my favorite print so far this fall: Swizzle In!  There's new pajamas and robes, which would be great gifts for the holiday season.  The rumor on the street is that the pajamas are coming out in even *more* prints soon, and there might even be matching pet pajamas coming...

PJ Button Front Knit Ruffle Top ($58) and 30" PJ Knit Pant ($58), both in Swizzle In
The pajamas this year are all made from a soft, stretchy knit fabric.  This style comes in three different patterns, and they are so comfortable!  I'm wearing my normal size in the top, but I went up in the bottoms for a more oversized, loose fit.  This pattern also comes in the pajama tank and shorts.  There's also a matching blanket and slippers that coordinate with these pajamas.

This robe is the same velour robe that has been available in the past couple of years.  It's a lighter robe, and runs big.  This is the S/M (I'm normally a medium, sometimes large), and it is the size I have in the other Elaine robes.  I love that this pattern is extra vibrant in the velour!  This robe, the matching pajamas, slippers, and blanket are all at the top of my Christmas wishlist!

Like the other set of pajamas I tried on, this top is my normal size, but I would size up in the shorts for a looser fit.  I love how the knit pajamas come in different options for long or short sleeves (or a tank), and shorts or pants on the bottom, so everyone can mix and match to find their own perfect pair.  This pattern is also available in the long sleeve and pants combination shown above.

I was very curious to try on this Finn Dress since I love the top version so much!  Surprisingly, this dress is not the soft, stretchy material that the tops are.  Instead, it's a similar material to the other t-shirt dresses, like the Marlowe.  This is my normal size (and the size I wear in Finn tops), and I would probably size up.  I do think the body of this dress fits similar to the Marlowe.  As you can see, this dress was pretty short on me (I'm 5'7).  Overall, this wasn't my favorite item in the try on session.

Beline Velour Dress in Multi Bermudaful ($148)
This velour dress is soft, stretchy, and extremely comfortable!  Even though it's not the same fabric, the cut and fit are similar to the Sophie Dress.  I usually go up in the Sophie for a less clingy fit, and I did the same in the Beline.  I love the cute stripe down the side!

UPF 50+ Aubrey Dress in Take It Slow ($138)
This dress felt like similar material to the Sophie, but with a more forgiving fit.  The seaming on the front of the top part almost reminds me of the Braylen Top from years ago.  It creates a very subtle but flattering nip in at the waist, and a slight flare out below the waist.  I like this new style, and will be watching to see what other patterns it comes out in!  I took my normal size.

I wish I played golf more often, so I could buy this outfit and wear it all the time!  The pants are so cute with the stripe down the side.  These fit the exact same as the golf pants from last winter/spring.  The top of these pants are elastic, with no button/zipper.  I took my normal size in these (one size smaller than what I wear in Kelly Pants and South Ocean Skinny Pants).

This fleece popover is a similar cut to regular Skipper Popovers, except for the curved hem.  It also comes in Bayside Blue.  Both solids will match so many different prints!  This Monica skort is the same as the Monica skorts that came out last winter/spring.

Christie Top in Mandevilla Pink ($128) and 29" Kelly Knit Skinny Ankle Pant ($148)
I'm a big fan of this top - it's Mandevilla Pink (which I love), and it's machine washable!  I'm between sizes in this one.  I had to size up because of my broad shoulders, but I don't need *all* the extra room in my size up size.  I'm not usually a fan of regular Kelly Pants, but I love these knit ones!  They are the same comfy fabric as the knit shorts.  I sized down from my regular Kelly Pant size.

Florin Reversible Tank Top ($88) and Salma Top ($68), both in Bayside Blue
Both of these tops are great solid basics to have.  The Florin reverses to a slightly darker blue, which is nice because it gives you two options to try to match things to.  The Salma top is very similar to the Waverly top (both have the 3/4 length sleeves and the keyhole detail in the back).

Natalie Shirtdress Cover-Up in Mandevilla Pink ($118)
This Natalie fits just like the others that have come out in the past year.  I love the adorable lace-like pattern!  As you can tell from the picture, this one is semi-sheer (you can see my dark swimsuit underneath), so you can't wear it as a regular dress like some of the other Natalies.

Deona Sweater in Bayside Blue ($98)
I love the unexpected combination of the Bayside Blue with the gold accents!  This Dolman cut isn't my favorite, but it looks great on a lot of people!  This is my normal sweater size.  One thing to note - this sweater seems a hair shorter than regular sweater length.

Judith Ruffle Top in True Navy ($138)
This Judith Top is a solid staple top that I would wear to my casual office, along with the white version.  This is my normal size, although the arms were slightly tight on this one.  The fabric a stiffer fabric, like a traditional button down/dress shirt.

 Don't forget to check out my last post with more Fall try ons, and watch for another post soon with some fun, fancy holiday options!


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