Poshmark Tips for Buyers

Hello everyone!  Today I will be sharing my tips for finding great items on one of my favorite websites/apps - Poshmark.  I previously posted about Poshmark tips for sellers.  If you’ve never used Poshmark before, use my code “eseward7” when you sign up to get $5 free towards your first purchase*.  I like to think of Poshmark as an online consignment store.  Using the app or the website, users post their own clothing and accessories for sale.  Poshmark itself handles payments and generates a shipping label for the seller to use once an item sells.  As a buyer, all you have to do it browse, buy, and wait for your item to arrive!

While Poshmark is great, it can also be very overwhelming if you don’t know where to start.  Here are my tips to score hidden gems and find the best deals.

1. Use the filters.  Poshmark lets you filter items in several different ways.  This can help narrow in on items that are relevant to you and what you are looking for.  I never shop without using filters - I usually use multiple.  Here’s a quick rundown of what I think are the most useful filters:

  • Brand: useful if you want to see general things from a specific brand or know exactly how a certain brand fits you and only want to see things from that brand
  • Category: Here you can narrow it down to broad categories (dress, skirt, shoes, etc) or more specific categories (maxi dress, long sleeve dress, strapless dress, wedding dress, etc)
  • Size: I rarely search on Poshmark without using the size filters to filter out anything that wouldn’t fit me.  Not sure what size?  You can choose multiple sizes to include.
  • Condition: The choices here are “New With Tags” or all.  This is useful if you only want brand new with tags items that have not been worn by a previous owner.
  • Price: great if you have a specific budget in mind
  • Availability: If you are shopping, you will want to leave this one on the default setting of “Available”.  This filters out items that have already sold or been set as “Not for sale” by the lister

2. If you are looking for a specific item, use the “search” box after applying all filters.  If you know the official name of the item, put it in the search box.  Alternately, use the search box for a keyword that describes the item you are looking for but isn’t already captured by the filters (ie “lace” or “sequin”).

3.  If you are browsing a certain brand without a specific item in mind, change the “Sort” filter to “Just In”.  This sorts the listings for that brand from newest to oldest.  This gives you the best chance at snapping up a great deal or amazing item that is sure to sell quickly.  If you are looking at a popular brand, this is by far the best way to find the best items and/or best deals, since they usually sell not long after being listed.

4. If you’re looking for a really rare item or a great deal, regularly sort by “Just In,” but filter “Availability” to “Sold.”  This will show you if there’s a seller that is posting things that are selling instantly, so you can watch their page.  Normally, you wouldn’t see sold listings, so you might otherwise miss if a seller is clearing out amazing items that are selling instantly.  Once you find a seller in the middle of a goldmine listing spree, refresh their closet constantly to see things that were listed seconds ago.

5.  Know how Poshmark sales work.  All sales on Poshmark are final, unless the item arrives not as described.  That means that if something fits or doesn’t look good on you, there are no returns.  However, if an item arrives with a stain or rip that was not shown or mentioned in the listing, Poshmark’s buyer protection comes into play and you can get your money back.  Additionally, once you click on “Buy”, the item is reserved for you for 15 minutes while you enter your address and payment info.  So if you see an awesome item, hit “Buy” to reserve it, and then you have 15 minutes to decide if you want to buy it or not.  I’ve missed many great items because I hesitated before hitting “Buy,” and the item was reserved by another buyer in those 15 seconds.

6. Use Poshmark to find backups of your favorite items.  If you have an item that you absolutely love that is starting to get worn, see if someone listed the same item on Poshmark.  Use the filters to narrow your search, and you might just get lucky!

Be sure to keep your eye out for the next post in my Poshmark series - tips for sellers!

*Signing up for Poshmark with the code “eseward7” gives you and me each $5 in Poshmark credit - a win-win!


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